Как поставить русский язык в android don t starve

Как поставить русский язык в android don t starve

Don't Starve Customize your wilderness adventure! Create and upload new mods to add new characters, items, and game mechanics to Don't Starve. Explore new ways to. русский Язык Если кто знает как поставить русский язык в Скачать Don't Starve v Survive the cold and hunger by collecting resources and crafting tools! Explore the biomes, fight some dragons and find a treasure chest! The latest Tweets from sin (@makssin): "Мне понравилось видео "НЕ ЗРЯ 98% ЛЮДЕЙ ВЕРЯТ В ЭТО" (pak.окномосква.рф Подписчики:

Each Character has at least one character-specific perk, in addition to various bonuses and penalties to their stats, and usually are different in play style. Each Character is "voiced" by a different instrument, and speaks differently when examining items and objects. The only exception to this is Wes , the speechless mime, who uses pantomimes instead of sounds or quotes.

Most of the other Characters can be unlocked when sufficient Experience has been accrued, gained at Death or when escaping to a new world.

There are currently six Characters that are not unlocked via experience, but through game feats. If the player has not unlocked a Character, it will appear as their respective silhouette.

Upon selecting a silhouette, the Poster on the left will be a coffin shut with chains and a lock, and the description will simply say "The Unknown".

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The majority of Characters are unlocked from the start and several perks have been changed and balanced for the multiplayer aspect of the game. On January 22, , free "character refreshes" for the DST roster as well as a total of 4 new paid DLC characters were announced to be released throughout The character refreshes consist of revamped abilities for all current characters in DST, along with an animated short depicting part of their backstory. Each refresh update features a new purchasable skin set for the character.

The following table lists the character refresh updates in order of their release:. They can also be woven with Spools. The following table lists the DLC characters in order of their release:. Main article: Maxwell NPC. You better find something to eat before night comes!

Don't Starve Hamlet скачать торрент

When the player chooses to play as Maxwell, non-player Maxwell will not appear. Maxwell will instead awaken and exclaim " Freedom, at last! Main article: Abigail. Main article: Unimplemented Characters. These other characters only exist in the form of portraits, sound, and other assets found in the game files. The character Warbucks was the first character introduced in the Hamlet DLC, but was later removed from the game and replaced with Wormwood.

However, the developers left his code in the game, allowing players to use him via console command. Main article: Mods. Once downloaded, the character can be set up in its directory. When the player starts up the game, they can click the Mods button to enable the character.

They will now be available for use after restarting.

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  • Start a Wiki. Willow and her Lighter.

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    Wendy and Abigail by a fire. WX during their " System Overload ". Wigfrid wearing her special helm and spear. Webber with his silky beard and some Spider friends. Walani surfing on her Surfboard. Warly cooking his exclusive recipes in Portable Crock Pots.

    Characters can hold items with their left and right hand. The Strange New Powers update introduced gameplay differences to many characters.

    The portrait on the character selection screen for a locked character. The portrait for selecting a random character in DST. He chops wood, Categories :.

    Как поставить русский язык в android don t starve

    March 7, [3] [4]. May 7, [5] [6]. July 18, [7].

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  • March 28, [8] [9]. June 6, [7] [10] [11]. Immune to Fire damage. Has a sweet Lighter.

  • Как поставить русский язык в android don t starve
  • Lights fires when nervous. Is haunted by her twin sister. Feels comfortable in the dark. Not a picky eater. Is charged by lightning , but damaged by water. Can upgrade with gears. Knows many things. Self-publishes books. Has a lovely axe. And a terrible secret.

    Is thankful for bountiful harvests. Has trouble staying alive. Practices balloonomancy. A great inventor. Delicate Stomach. Excels in battle. Absorbs the power of fallen foes. Only eats meat.

    Is a monster. Can befriend spiders. Grows a silky smooth beard.

    Как поставить русский язык в android don t starve

    Has a refined palate. Cooks in custom kitchenware. Brings a stylish chef pouch. Can sniff out treasure. Captain of the "Sea Legs". Plants relate to him.

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    Has a Green Thumb. Food fills his stomach, but not his heart.

    Armed with an air horn. Has a knick knack for finding things. Travels lighter than most. Is a skilled builder. Gets one free hit from the dark.

    Invents her own gadgets. Is an imp. Can hop through time and space. Less nourished by physical food. Find the Tarnished Crown and return it to Wilbur when playing in a Shipwrecked save. Wickerbottom summoning lightning with her book. Woodie in his Werebeaver form. Wes and his balloons. Maxwell creating Shadow Puppets. Wilbur running on all fours. Player Characters view. Reign of Giants. Gameplay Mechanics view.